South of Sixty - Life on an Antarctic Base - by Michael Warr

Antarctic life in a wooden hut in the 1960s meant coal stoves, melted snow for water, and travelling with husky dogs.

Ships relieved the men after eight months of isolation.

South of Sixty, life on an Antarctic base describes this life, and contrasts it with the changes of present-day Antarctica.

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Author of South of Sixty Michael Warr


Michael was born and grew up in Britain. He joined the British Antarctic Survey. After two years in the Antarctic he then moved to Canada, married Norma, and taught secondary school in central British Columbia. Now retired, he runs marathons, writes, and gardens. He belongs to the British Antarctic Survey Club, the American Polar Society, and the New Zealand Antarctic Society. You can find Michael's website articles under "Michael Warr Antarctic."

Mike revisited the Antarctic in 2005, and in 2006, 2007 and 2009 he lectured on an Antarctic cruise as an Antarctic historian.